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DuraClear 11,1/15,9mm (3m)

DuraClear 11,1/15,9mm (3m)
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    EK-DuraClear is the most advanced liquid cooling tubing, designed and manufactured for the most... mehr
    Produktinformationen "DuraClear 11,1/15,9mm (3m)"

    EK-DuraClear is the most advanced liquid cooling tubing, designed and manufactured for the most demanding customers, who want to use soft tubing in their builds. The EK-DuraClear structure is formulated to enable it to perform in a wide range of closed loop cooling systems, making it the top choice for every liquid cooling enthusiast. More than 2 years in development, the goal was to create the most durable, flexible and transparent tube on the market. 

    Our top priority during the development of this tube was the prevention of bacterial growth on the tubing wall. To eliminate this problem, EK-DuraClear has very smooth inner walls that prevent any kind of bacterial adhesion. Tested in the most extreme environments, the EK-DuraClear is guaranteed to withstand far worse conditions that would ever appear in the everyday use.

    One of the most important features that the soft tube should have is the flexibility and good bend ratio without kinks. EK-DuraClear has one of the best bend ratios on the market. Doing a tight turn in your liquid cooling build has never been easier! Tighter bends without kinking will allow you to have no reduction in cooling performance whatsoever.

    Unlike the matte black EK ZMT Tube, EK-DuraClear is a transparent tube, designed to be used with EK-Ekoolant cooling liquids. Colored liquid realy gives your build a touch of personality and there is nothing more beautiful than matching colors of liquid with your hardware. To achieve the best longevity and maintaining the tubing shine, we recommend you only use this tube with coolants and EK-ACF 12/16mm fittings bought from our web shop.


    - Highly durable
    - Transparent
    - UV Resistant
    - Logo Free (no print on tube)
    - Inner Wall resilience
    - Environmentally responsible, safe and non-toxic product

    Technical Specifications:
    - Material: PVC
    - Color: Clear, not UV-reactive (resistant to UVA & UVB)
    - Length: 3 meters
    - Operating temperature range: -20°C to 80°C

    Other Specifications:
    - DEHP Free
    - Phthalate Free
    - California’s Prop 65 compliant
    - FDA Approved ingredients
    - ROHS Compliant PVC

    - Internal diameter (ID): 11,1 mm (7/16")
    - Outer diameter (OD): 15,9 mm (5/8")

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